Checking in on Cordova

I’ve made a little progress on Cordova.

I’m also hanging out with Rolf and Roger at Imagechef, and working to add some chat features to the mobile web version of TuneTug, I will post more when we are able to push to production. And then there’s that class I want to take Thursday/Friday, but it’s in Santa Clara, and I don’t want to drive down there.

Gee, life is sure tough being unemployed.

Well, I’m anxious to get back to Cordova. I’d like to finish the happy path for user, and test with client-side AJAX requests to a live Google API feed. I think this weekend may be ambitious, so will aim for mid-next week. Afterwards, will need to work on server-side response and connect it all together. Then make it bidirectional. Should be fun… Will put you on hold for now, Cordova.