Stumped on glitches

Spent the morning trying to get rid of the jqm animation glitches that occur with page transitions in the Android browser. “Slides” seem to work fine Chrome, Safari, and Firefox… Also transitions using the backbutton works well on all browsers, but only 3 times back and forth consistently, and then it parks at the new page regardless of page id, so whether it makes sense or not, this actually appears to be a feature 🙂

I tried hiding DOM elements, and then unhiding everything after the data becomes available all at once, so there would be no data loading and bouncing all over to the next page… I have a multipage implementation. This did not resolve the glitch issue.

Anyways, a little stumped and annoyed that I’m spending so much effort on cosmetic stuff. Functionally it’s all there, perhaps that’s good enough?… Yeah, I’m a bad product manager, but dev is hard.